Ennazus Miranda (ennazusmiranda) wrote in pasadena_moms,
Ennazus Miranda

Park Ideas

Does anyone know of any good parks in this area that have fenced in playground areas? I'm looking to organize a list meet-up for a So Cal moms group (punky moms). Some of us in the group, including myself have toddlers who are very adventurous. So, we'd like to find somewhere that we can sit and chat without constantly getting up to retrieve our little ones from running too far afield.

Any ideas would be appreciated. It doesn't need to be in Pasadena. Last time we met at Griffith Park. That area, Glendale, SF Valley to Monrovia would also be okay.

Thanks in advance for any ideas that you guys are able to pass along.

P.S. I did think of Tournament Park at Cal Tech. But, I figured that might be a little harder for people not familiar with the area to find.
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