Krista (the_herbivore) wrote in pasadena_moms,

Lost Dog

Okay. So my family and I went to Big 5 in Pasadena today and we found this dog. She has no collar (and no signs that it ever did, trust me when a dog normally wears one there's big lovely marks like when you wear a ring) and she isn't micro-chipped, so no owner to be found. We went to Glendale humane society and they don't know anything about her... so anyway, she's incrediably sweet, is good in the car and walks well on leash, and knows the "sit" command. She's clean and seems healthy, her teeth and whiter than my dogs' teeth, so she's well taken care of...she's now at my house, if anyone knows about her, please let me know. Comment and tell me!

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Awww...cute dog, I bet someone misses them terribly. have you tried going to the Pasadena Humane Society, if the dog was lost in Pasadena, maybe the owner went there instead of Glendale to file a missing report.